Type 1 diabetes and sexual dysfunction

According to long-term results of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications study, sexual dysfunction is prevalent amongst women with type 1 diabetes . The study was published in the May issue of Diabetes Care .
Lead researcher Paul Enzlin reportedly commented: ” Diabetes has long been considered a major cause of impaired sexual function. Sexual functioning of women with diabetes, however, has received far less attention in research, and results are less conclusive than those of studies in men. In general, studies of sexual dysfunction in women have lagged behind those in men, likely due to several factors, including a lack of standardized definitions of sexual dysfunction in women, absence of well-validated scales, and societal taboos regarding female sexuality.”
The authors reportedly continued: “FSD is common in women with type 1 diabetes and affects all aspects of sexual function and satisfaction. Depression is the major predictor of sexual dysfunction in women with type 1 diabetes. These findings suggest that women with type 1 diabetes should be routinely queried about the presence of sexual dysfunction and possible co-association with depression.”

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