According to diabetes news this morning, India may now be considered the diabetes capital in the world. Over 50 million people are affected by the condition, and in India in particular, diabetes is often only discovered once it has reached an advanced stage.
A team of diabetes experts at Artemis Health Institute found that almost 95 per cent of people only found out about their diabetes at an advanced stage, despite obvious symptoms developing much earlier in the progression of their diabetes .
Ashutosh Shukla, the head of internal medicine at the AHI, reportedly commented: “Most of them knew they had obvious symptoms like increased appetite, constant thirst and high urine formation for the last few years but they did not get themselves tested until their condition deteriorated. Those with risk factors like obesity, high work stress, sedentary lifestyle, faulty diet and family history of diabetes must undergo a health check-up at least once a year and those without risk factors should take it once in two years’.

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