Kofi Annan says diabetes threat ignored and underfunded

According to reports from the Diabetes Leadership Forum 2009 China, the threat of diabetes is being taken seriously in China, with concrete moves to fight the diabetes epidemic . As many as 92.4 million people in China could have diabetes, according to the chairman of the Chinese Diabetes Society.
Professor Yang Wenying was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “A recent survey showed that the age-standardized rate of diabetes among adults living in urban areas is up to 9.7% in China”
Meanwhile, Chinese Minister of Health Chen Zhu reportedly said: “Chronic diseases such as diabetes are becoming public health challenges. Improving prevention and treatment is critical for realising the goals of the country’s new reform plan, Healthy China 2020.”
At the forum, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was reported as saying: “Across the world, the threat [of diabetes] is ignored and under-funded. Tackling diabetes must be a priority. It is so serious that we all have to be involved if we are to reverse this epidemic.”

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