Operation could help diabetes sufferers

According to recent diabetes news reports, diabetes patients with type 1 diabetes could be alleviated of the need for daily insulin injections thanks to cell transplants. People in Scotland with type 1 diabetes will be given insulin-producing cells from donated pancreas .
The public health minister of Scotland, Shona Robiso, launched the new programme (the first of its kind in the UK) at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary yesterday. The programme could provide a lifeline for those patients who constantly have to monitor blood sugar levels. Insulin producing islet cells will be injected into recipient livers.
The national director of the SNBTS, Keith Thompson, reportedly commented: “This is a major step forward and our new state of the art laboratory has been specifically designed, equipped and staffed to achieve this. We hope islet cells prepared here will be able to transform the lives of diabetics who would benefit from this. The programme represents a significant investment by NHS Scotland in helping to tackle a condition that affects increasing numbers of young people.”

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