Research breakthrough gives hope for people with diabetes

A recent diabetes breakthrough could help with new drug treatment pathways, according to diabetes experts . Scientists have identified a way in which the body responds to the hormone insulin . The research could allow experts to learn more about insulin resistance, the primary driving force behind type 2 diabetes .
Insulin is an incredibly important bodily hormone that controls the way in which cells absorb glucose from the blood. Insulin resistance is extremely common, affecting millions of people above and beyond the diagnosed diabetic population.
Professor Froguel, one of the Imperial College London researchers involved, reportedly commented: “We are very excited about these results – this is the first genetic evidence that a defect in the way insulin works in muscles can contribute to diabetes . Muscle tissue needs to make more energy using glucose than other tissues. We think developing a treatment for diabetes that improves the way insulin works in the muscle could really help people with type 2 diabetes .”

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