Recent roadshows staged by the charity Diabetes UK have highlighted the risks involved with the condition, and raised awareness about the importance of health checks . In fact, more than half of those who underwent risk assessment checks for the disease were referred to their doctor.
Of the 5,389 people who were risk assessed at one of the charities “Measure Up” campaign roadshows over the last year, 2, 755, or 51 per cent, have been referred for an appointment with a GP to investigate the matter further.
After questions concerning age, ethnic background, blood pressure and family history of diabetes, as well as vital statistics, those who were rated as a moderate, high or very high risk were given a letter that explained the results to hand to their doctor; they were also recommended to have a blood test done.
The campaign, which has raised awareness about diabetes, especially the link between the risk of type 2 diabetes and weight issues, has emphasised the need for early diagnosis in treating the metabolic disorder . Libby Dowling, a care advisor at Diabetes UK, said “People may have underlying concerns about their health, but may not have followed this up with a GP appointment.
It’s vital that we identify people with type 2 diabetes early because the condition is associated with a number of serious health problems, including stroke, blindness, heart disease and amputations . Getting treatment early can help to reduce the risk of developing complications.”

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