The family of a nine-year old girl from Lancashire are battling to overturn a decision by their local NHS authority not to provide her with funding for a life-improving monitor. The parents of Claudia Tate have asked for a continuous glucose monitor so that her diabetes could be better controlled.
NHS Central Lancashire turned down a request for the equipment, which would have cost GBP6.50 per day. Claudia suffers from attacks of hypoglycaemia, or hypos, when the level of glucose in her blood falls too low.
The family are appealing against the decisio, with Claudia’s mum saying that “Claudia is having a lot of hypos at the moment during the day and night and it is frightening for her and terrifying for us as parents. We have not slept properly for the last two years as Claudia has either been having hypos or we have been worried about her and checking on her.”
If her glucose falls too much during the night, the family have to wake her up to give her glucose tablets or something to eat. Claudia, who has been raising funds and awareness for the charity Diabetes UK, became ill a couple of years ago, when it was discovered she had type 1 diabetes, and that her body was unable to produce insulin . In addition, she also suffers from asthma and coeliac disease, an intolerance to gluten.

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