Diabetes trial won by pharmaceutical company

The diabetes risk posed by antipsychotic drug had been the subject of official warnings to the doctors of Vietnam veteran’s, according to a jury ruling over the drug. The state court panel in New Brunswick, New Jersey, found that the pharmaceutical company had warned the doctors over diabetes risk, thereby absolving them of responsibility for those who were later diagnosed with diabetes .
The veterans were prescribed Seroquel to help deal with the lingering influence of PTSS (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.) Ted Baker, the hero in questio, still suffers from military service during the Vietnam war. The case was the first of some 26,000 claims over the drug.
One of the lawyers for AstraZenecan, who are the second largest drugmaker in the UK, was reported as saying: “The jury determined in its verdict that the information in the Seroquel label provided prescribing doctors an adequate warning with respect to diabetes .”

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