Nearly 200,000 people in Scotland have type 2 diabetes

According to recent diabetes news, almost 200,000 people in Scotland now have type 2 diabetes . The news was revealed at a conference in Edinburgh, where type 2 diabetes population was confirmed as 199,264 in 2009. Meanwhile, cases of type 1 diabetes fell slightly on 2008 figures.
The statistics accompanied new diabetes treatment guidelines for Scotland. The guidance showed which new drugs are available and which services should be provided for people with diabetes . Fears ran high amongst diabetes experts regarding the soaring type 2 diabetes population.
Diabetes UK Scotland National Director, Jane-Claire Judso, reportedly commented: “These are truly alarming figures. While some of the growth can be accounted by an ageing population, the major cause for the increasing numbers diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is our country’s obesity crisis. Many people do not realise how serious diabetes can be. It causes heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and blindness, and more deaths in the UK than breast and prostate cancer combined.”

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