Use of tobacco could exacerbate diabetes

According to recent research from Guam, residents of the country and Pacific Islanders in general face greater risks of type 2 diabetes . Furthermore, health specialists around the world agree that quitting smoking lowers the risk of developing diabetes and lowers the risk of complications amongst those diagnosed with the condition.
The International Diabetes Federation claim that smoking increase the incidence, morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular complications, diabetic eye disease, diabetes foot problems and diabetic kidney disease.
Eugene Santos of the Department of Public Health and Social Services was reported as saying: “By having high-risk behaviors … the possibility of having the conversion from becoming pre-diabetic to diabetic is higher when a person doesn’t take care of themselves by not eating healthy, by smoking, by not exercising. The use of tobacco, in diabetes, contributes to the reduction in circulation in the body and those are things that are tied in.”

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