China to train community diabetes experts

A new diabetes training project has been launched in China, it has emerged. The project, being launched by the Society of Diabetes under the China Medical Associatio, will train a thousand community-based diabetes experts over the next three years.
The project will run throughout China, which has the most diabetics in the world, now totalling 92 million diabetics and 148 million pre-diabetics, and will include 20 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu.
Among the diabetics in China, only about a quarter are able to effectively control their blood sugar, which means there are millions who die from diabetes-related complications .
Ji Linong, who is president of the Society of Diabetes under the China Medical Associatio, stated that the training project would help educate community doctors about all aspects of diabetes, including the management of blood glucose and prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes .
The aim of this ambitious programme is to put in place these community-based experts to help improve the health of diabetics in China, and also reduce the financial burden for both the patients and the government.

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