A new study has found that the cocoa in dark chocolate could help to prevent diabetes and improve the health of blood vessels, as well as reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure . However, the researchers claim that the benefits gained from the cocoa can be offset by the problems from eating chocolate, such as weight gain .
The study, which focused mostly on sugar-free dark chocolate, examined the effects of polyphenolic flavonoids present in cocoa, finding that levels of bad cholesterol were reduced in people under 50, while levels of good cholesterol increased. However, it was not clear why the cocoa provided such benefits, or the quantity that should be consumed before they were realised.
The scientists examined data from 21 studies involving 2,575 participants, which were presented to a conference of the American Heart Association.
Also, the study looked at a specific type of cocoa, so the way in which it is processed and also consumed could affect the results. It is also argued that there are more healthy means to improve the health of your heart, insulin resistance and blood pressure, including weight loss and exercise.
Of course, there are different ways to consume cocoa, such as in a hot drink or chocolate bar, but using skimmed milk for the former, or choosing a diet option for the latter will help to lower the intake of fat and calories .

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