New study on smoking risk for diabetics

A new study by scientists in the United States has warned that the nicotine in cigarettes could be a major factor in serious complications for people with type 2 diabetes who also smoke. The team examined human blood samples to ascertain what concentrations of nicotine taken by smokers were increasing long-term blood sugar levels in diabetics .
The research found that the chemical could be associated with persistently high levels of blood sugar in the body for diabetes patients, and recommend that all diabetics stop smoking so as to avoid further problems from inhaling nicotine. The study also found that even those who use nicotine-replacement therapy over an extended time to try to break their addiction could still face the same health issues .
Most complications are due to the inability of the body to properly manage blood sugar levels, so correct control of these levels is crucial to avoiding these problems.
Although previous research has highlighted how smoking can raise the risk of complications associated with diabetes, such as heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes and nerve damage, it has not previously been ascertained which substances in the tobacco were directly behind the problems.

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