1.5 million pound boost for more insulin pumps for diabetes

The Scottish Government has agreed to invest an extra £1.5 million to provide insulin pumps to 480 young people with type 1 diabetes.
In February reported the aim to get 480 children onto pumps. It is encouraging that the Scottish Government is putting more funds towards achieving the aim. Diabetes UK Scotland has been lobbying for the changes to improve access to insulin pumps, having noted that the numbers of youngsters with insulin pumps has been “shockingly low”.
Insulin pumps allow insulin to be administered at the push of a butto, taking away the need to inject several times a day. Usage of insulin pumps can help to improve blood glucose control and are a popular choice amongst young people. 2,870 under-18s have type 1 diabetes which accounts for about 10% of all people with type 1 diabetes in Scotland.
Director of Diabetes UK Scotland, Jane-Claire Judso, notes: “For far too long access to insulin pump therapy across Scotland has been shockingly low but, with the support of people living with diabetes, the Scottish Government has at last found a way to make real progress.”

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