Deal could see a future generation of insulin pumps

Two of the leading companies in the development of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are joining forces to combine their strengths into a single product.
Tandem Diabetes Care makes insulin pumps which feature touch screen technology, the ‘t:slim Insulin Delivery System’. Insulin pumps are used to deliver insulin through the day without the need for injections.
Dexcom makes continuous glucose monitors which measure blood glucose levels continuously through the day without the need for finger prick blood tests. The technology can be very useful as it allows the wearer to see not only what their sugar level is at any time but also indicates whether their levels are rising or falling.
The partnership is taking place in the US but could set the bar for future developments in diabetes technology. The combination of insulin pump and CGM technology gives the user much greater control of blood glucose levels allowing high and low blood sugar levels to be quickly averted.
The deal is a non-exclusive agreement allowing freedom to both companies to continue developing their own products independently.

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