An assistance dog helped save the life of his diabetic partner after he fell unconscious following a drop in blood glucose levels.
Paul McKenzie from Staffordshire suffers from severe neuropathy (nerve damage) as a result of his type 1 diabetes.
A recent bout of hypoglycemia caused him to lose consciousness. But fortunately for him Millie, a black Labrador from Canine Partners, raised the alarm by pressing an emergency button in Paul’s flat which connects to the personal alarm service Lifeline.
Millie is trained to push the button on command, but when her partner fell unconscious she quickly realised that help was needed.
The team at Lifeline tried to speak to Paul but after hearing nothing for a minute they called an ambulance. When paramedics arrived at the flat, they found Paul lying unconscious on the floor with extremely low blood sugars.
Jenny Moir of Canine Partners said: “The whole point is for that dog to really transform that person’s life and I think we can safely say that Millie has done that in a major way and saved Paul’s life on two occasions.”
As well as knowing how to alert the Lifeline service, Millie is also trained to help Paul out with small tasks such as opening doors, fetching the post and taking his shoes and socks off.

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