Zealand Pharma begins clinical development of type 2 diabetes drug

Danish biotechnology company Zealand Pharma has moved into the ‘Phase I’ development stage of its trials experimental type 2 diabetes and obesity drug ZP2929.
The firm announced that the first participant has been dosed in the first Phase I clinical trial of ZP2929, which is describes as a highly potent, dual acting glucagon/GLP-1 peptide agonist designed to improve blood sugar control and induce weight loss in patients with type 2 diabetes and/or obesity by acting on both the GLP-1 and glucagon receptors.
In pre-clinical animal studies, ZP2929 was successful in significantly improving glycemic control (HbA1c) and causing a sustained weight loss for at least 6 weeks.
Clinical development of ZP2929 will now begin in the US with a randomised, double-blind, human study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of single ascending daily doses of ZP2929 in healthy subjects.
Funding for all clinical development activities of the drug, including Phase I, is being provided by Boehringer Ingelheim as part of a global license and research collaboration between Zealand Pharma and the German pharmaceutical giant on new drug treatments for type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Under the terms of the partnership, Zealand Pharma is responsible for conducting the first Phase I study, while Boehringer Ingelheim will be responsible for clinical development thereafter.

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