Nurses face heavy sanctions following death of diabetic patient

Two nurses at Stafford Hospital have been found guilty of misconduct over the death of a diabetes patient.
Gillian Astbury, 66, died on 11 April 2007 at the West Midlands hospital after she was not given insulin to treat her undiagnosed condition.
Earlier this week, the Nursing and Midwifery Council panel ruled that nurses Ann King and Jeannette Coulson had failed to recognise Ms Astbury’s diabetic condition.
The pair did not look at or update the patient’s records, and also failed to carry out blood tests which would have highlighted her high blood sugar levels, it was revealed.
The nurses have since retired from the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust and could now be hit with heavy sanctions by the panel, who said their ability to practise had been impaired.
King was also found to have lied about giving patients their medication and changing dressings, while Coulson admitted swearing at staff.
Possible sanctions that can be imposed against the pair include being struck off the nursing register.

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