A diabetic woman has hit out at the police for the way she was treated after suffering a severe episode of hypoglycemia (dangerously low blood sugar levels) whilst behind the wheel of her car.
Revina Garcia went into the back of a pick-up truck while driving in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Friday.
Her collision was caused by a diabetic seizure but when police officers arrived at the scene they mistakenly believed she was drunk. She was then pulled out of her car, shoved to the ground, handcuffed by police and ‘roughly’ thrown into the back of a police car.
According to a police report obtained by Santa Fe New Mexican, the County sheriff’s deputy Joseph McLaughlin asked Garcia to put her vehicle in park, turn off the ignition and unlock the door or window.
After failing to comply to “multiple requests” and attempting to drive off twice, a second deputy broke one of the car’s windows and reached in and switched off the ignition.
Garcia, 56, was then forcefully removed from the car and detained under the assumption that she had been drink-driving.
It was only when she mumbled something about having diabetes that they realised their mistake and called paramedics who said she was suffering from a diabetic emergency.
Garcia said the officers should have known she was diabetic from the insulin pump clipped to her waistband and called for more training to be given to law enforcers to ensure they recognise when someone is in need of medical attention.
“I’m surprised I didn’t go into a coma in the back of that police car,’ she said, “Most people if their blood sugars are in the 20s are comatose. If there’s education this wouldn’t happen. This wouldn’t have happened.”
Santa Fe County sheriff Robert Garcia said his office is “sensitive to the issue” and are reviewing incident footage and conducting an internal review, in addition to meeting with Revina Garcia and her husband.

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