Lifescan has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for a new blood glucose meter that connects, via Bluetooth technology, with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Lifescan’s OneTouch VerioSync blood glucose monitoring system allows blood test results taken on the meter to be transferred wirelessly to a compatible device such as an iPhone or iPad. Results can then be reviewed and analysed on the data management app, the OneTouch Reveal, which can be installed onto your phone, tablet or mp3 player.
The app stores blood glucose results and allows activity, carbohydrate intake and insulin dosage to be logged. High and low patterns, as featured on OneTouch’s Verio Pro and Verio IQ meters, is also included.
Newer blood glucose meters have allowed people to transfer data onto computers but having blood glucose data available on your phone enables you to check your results at the most convenient time for you, be that whilst on the bus or train or at home without having to boot up your computer.
The OneTouch VerioSync is not the first blood glucose meter to interact with a smartphone but it is the first to take advantage of Bluetooth technology to communicate with devices running Apple’s iOS.
In the UK, we will have to wait for further news on when the OneTouch VerioSync will be available. Keep in touch with for news on the latest blood glucose meters available.

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