A father who nearly lost his life to type 1 diabetes has been given a clean bill of health following two organ transplant operations, which have left him with four kidneys and three pancreases.
Carl Jones, of Carmarthen, west Wales, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age. In 2004, he was told he would need a new pancreas in order to kick start the body’s production of insulin, as well as new kidneys as his had failed as a result of the prolonged effects of diabetes.
Although the operation was initially successful, Mr Jones required the same organ transplants four years later. However, to ensure the operations were a success his failed organs were not removed, as is common practice. Instead the surgeons made room inside his body for the new ones, leaving him with three pancreases and four kidneys.
“It’s mad having all that inside me – I’ve got enough organs for a small family,” Mr Jones said.
The organ transplants cured his type 1 diabetes and eliminated the need for kidney dialysis, a process that is required if the kidneys become damaged and can no longer function well enough.
The 32-year-old now only has to visit hospital for check-ups and is able to live a “fairly normal”, active life.
“I am incredibly grateful I have been able to get two transplants,” he added. “I can only give all my thanks to the people who donated their organs – I owe them everything.”
Mr Jones, who lives with his 31-year-old partner Zoe Stickland and 2-year-old son Ashto, is now looking to raise funds for the Kidney Wales Foundation charity, who raise money and awareness for kidney patient care and research in Wales.

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