Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson is to run a fundraising initiative to help raise money for diabetes charity and increase awareness of the disease.
During this year’s Diabetes Week (June 9-15), the chef will donate money from one of the dishes served at his Windsor restaurant, Windsor Grill, to charity group Diabetes UK.
The main course – Pan-fried Sea Bass with Green Salad and Sweet and Sour Dressing –has been specially selected from the restaurateur’s award-winning Essential Diabetes Cookbook.
The culinary fundraising initiative was devised by East Berkshire Diabetes UK in an effort to raise funds for charity and help highlight the importance of healthy eating, which is essential for people at high risk of diabete, as well as those already diagnosed with the disease.
An estimated 20,000 people in East Berkshire suffer from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and a further 3,000 have type 2 diabetes but remain in the dark about their condition (undiagnosed diabetes).
Antony Worrall Thompson came close to developing type 2 diabetes after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2003. Pre-diabetes is characterised by the presence of higher than normal blood sugar levels that are yet to reach “diabetic” levels, and is almost always a precursor to type 2 diabetes.
“Finding out that I was at an increased risk of developing diabetes gave me the motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle and, as food is my life, I developed recipes for everyone who enjoys good food,” he said.
“So I am delighted to be supporting our local Diabetes UK voluntary group during Diabetes Week. It is a perfect opportunity to not only donate funds to the charity but to also showcase that people living with the condition can still eat meals that are appealing and delicious.”

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