Analysis from the National Diabetes Audit paints a bitter picture as it reveals that 28% of patients admitted to hospital suffering from heart failure have diabetes.
Whilst the figures highlight the grave consequences diabetes can have, individuals should note that the risk of heart failure can be reduced.
Further figures from the National Diabetes Audit show:

73% increased risk of being hospitalised for heart failure
A 129% increase in deaths of people with type 1 diabetes compared with the same number of people without
A 34% increase in deaths of patients with type 2 diabetes compared with the same number of people without

The statistics reflect the fact that diabetes and its related health aspects, when not well controlled lead to a marked decrease in health and it also reflects the fact that significant numbers of people with diabetes are struggling to achieve the control needed. Blood glucose control is measured through HbA1c tests.
If your diabetes is well controlled, you can expect to have a better chance of avoiding heart failure and improving your life expectancy. If you are currently one of those with less well controlled diabetes, use the news brought by the audit to make step by step improvements in improving your blood glucose control and improving your overall health as well.
Performing structured blood glucose testing can help significantly with improving blood glucose control. Having fresh food regularly through the week and taking part in at least 2 and a half hours of physical activity can help towards reducing heart disease risk.
If you feel you have hit a brick wall in either getting your diabetes under control or are finding it difficult to keep to a healthy lifestyle, don’t delay in contacting your doctor or consultant to ask for advice and support to kick start your health.

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