Diabetes sufferer raises GBP3000 for local clinic

A type 1 diabetes patient has been praised by staff at his local diabetes clinic for managing to raise thousands of pounds for the centre.
Steven Reaper, from the Aberdeenshire town of Ello, handed over a £3000 cheque to the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Aberdeen where he has been a patient for the last 23 years.
The 37-year-old raised the money after completing the hugely demanding Tough Mudder obstacle course in Dalkeith, and gave it to Professor Donald Pearson and his staff at the centre in a presentation that was also attended by 5-year old Ty McAlley, a friend of the Reaper family who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just three and a half.
“I was inspired to take on the Mudder by the dedication of the staff at the centre, and by the bravery of Ty,” Mr Reaper said.
“I also wanted to thank Professor Donald Pearson and his staff for their invaluable help over the years, while proving that diabetic sufferers like myself can lead normal lives. Participating in the obstacle race was all part of making a point.”
He added: “I only hope by competing in the Tough Mudder and by raising money that I have helped raise awareness in the community of an issue that is not always understood.
“I have learned a lot about myself in the build up to the challenge, but I have also been humbled by the generosity of people.”
Prof Pearso, consultant diabetologist at the and Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology, which treats around 3000 diabetes patients in the North-east of Scotland, and his team described Mr Reaper as an “inspiration”.
He said: “Steven has made a fantastic contribution to our services, balancing his food intake and insulin during his training for the Mudder. He is a remarkable young man.”

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