Roger Moore, the legendary actor who played the role of James Bond between 1973 and 1985, has revealed he is suffering from diabetes.
Speaking on ITV’s This Morning show, the former James Bond start said he only discovered he was suffering from diabetes after a recent bout of illness, during which he began losing weight and passing out.
Following one of these blackouts, his wife Kristina took him to a hospital near their home in Monaco. Doctors conducted a series of tests and after he was told he has diabetes and has been suffering from the condition without knowing for some time.
However, he did not disclose whether he has the Type 1 diabetes or the more common Type 2 form of the disease.
The 86-year-old actor’s revelation comes less than three weeks after Hollywood star Tom Hanks told American talk show host David Letterman that he too was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
“I have got the dreaded Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks came out with the fact he has diabetes, and about four or five weeks ago I was falling asleep and just feeling terrible and dying of thirst and literally passing out,” Moore said.
“My wife took me into emergency at Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco and I was straight on a slab… and I have diabetes.
“And I’ve obviously had it for quite a long time… During that week where I was falling asleep, my wife said I was losing a kilo a day. So I have had to have all my trousers taken i,” he added.

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