Powdered versions of the diabetes medication Glucophage (metformin) are to be pulled in the UK due to unforeseen manufacturing issues, manufacturer Merck Serono Ltd has announced.
The company has confirmed that Glucophage (metformin) 500 mg and 1,000 mg powders for oral solution in sachets are to be discontinued. Glucophage 500 mg sachets are out of stock from Merck Serono (there may be very limited stock in the supply chain), while some stock of the 1,000 mg sachets is expected to be available until the end of May 2014 before also being discontinued.
If you are prescribed the powdered form of metformin, it’s important you discuss your options with your healthcare team as soon as possible. While 500 mg and 1,000 mg versions of Glucophage are being taken off market, metformin hydrochloride – a generic, sugar-free oral solution of the drug – is available for diabetic patients who can’t tolerate metformin tablets.
For patients on tablet medication, Glucophage SR Tablets (prolonged release metformin) and Glucophage tablets (immediate release metformin) are not affected by the discontinuation and thus also remain available in the UK.
Metformin is the most widely used diabetes medicine and can be prescribed in combination with other drugs, or as a single treatment (monotherapy).

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