A groundbreaking diabetes management program has been launched by Diabetes.co.uk (DCUK) which aims to empower people with type 2 diabetes to improve their glycemic control through structured blood glucose testing.
Launched in the UK and available worldwide, the first-of-its-kind program has been created in an effort to give individuals with non insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes access to test strips so that they can self-monitor their condition and better understand how everyday factors such as diet, exercise, and illness can affect their blood glucose levels.
Studies have shown that regular structured blood glucose testing, or structured self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), can help people with type 2 who are not treated with insulin to better understand their condition, improve their long-term blood glucose control, reduce their HbA1c and their subsequent chances of developing diabetes-related complications such as depression, heart disease, and amputation.
Despite the evidence, test strips for SMBG are not routinely available on prescription from the NHS, meaning that people with type 2 diabetes who wish to test are often denied access to test strips by their GP.
Test strips are available to buy at a premium from pharmacies and online retailers, but no support or guidance is offered with these products so the true health potential of SMBG may be missed.
The Type2Testing program from DCUK seeks to resolve this issue by providing diabetes test strips alongside full structured support.
Test strips are delivered to the door free of charge and come with expert guidance on how and when to test, how to interpret the results and record them effectively so that the user’s diabetes health team can make better and more informed decisions on their recommended care plan. 400 test strips are delivered over the course of the year to allow users to monitor their diabetes in line with the structured testing plan.
People who sign up to the program also receive a blood glucose testing plan, with videos, along with a free GlucoRX meter and lancet needles.
Available from £8.33 a month, DCUK have ensured the cost of the program is competitive and that the package is not available at a cheaper price anywhere else. Three payment options are available; monthly, quarterly reoccurring payments or one annual payment. This is to allow users to choose a payment plan that best suits their circumstances. VAT relief is also available for people who qualify in the UK.
The need for a resource of this kind was recently confirmed in a DCUK survey, which showed that 41% of people with type 2 diabetes would be interested in structured SMBG.
It is now hoped that feedback from the Type2Testing program from users and their medical team will enable DCUK and researchers alike to make more substantiated conclusions into the efficacy of SMBG for people with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes in order for it to one day be validated for inclusion into future health care policies.
For more information on the Type 2 blood glucose testing revolutio, visit www.type2testing.com

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