Young motherless siblings save their dad from severe hypo

Six and eight year old sister and brother, Jonathon and Cheyenne Porter have received a bravery award for quick thinking that saved their dad from a potentially dangerous severe hypo.
Jonathon and Cheyenne, from Queensland, Australia, have been looked after by their father, Glen, since their mother sadly recently died from cancer. Whilst it is usually Glen, who has type 1 diabetes, that looks after his children, the two youngsters returned the care when his blood glucose levels dropped very low, causing the father to have a seizure.
Quick thinking
The siblings acted quickly calling the emergency services and telling the operator that their dad was suffering a seizure as a result of a “serious low” and needed an ambulance. The operator figured that their father had diabetes and gave the children first aid instructions, including to lay Glenn on his side whilst the ambulance came to prevent choking.
They saved my life
It was important that Jonathon and Cheyenne acted so quick as Glenn slipped into a coma shortly after the call was made. Their father states that without his children, he may not have survived.
When they picked up their award, presented to them by Queensland ambulance service, Jonathon and Cheyenne credited their mum with explaining what needed to be done if Glenn ever got into difficulty with his blood sugar levels. Glenn told Australia’s Seven News: “Their mother would be very, very proud of them.”

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