By being in contact with cash register receipts increases your body’s exposure to a dangerous chemical, according to new research.
Bisphenol A (BPA) was originally created as an oestrogen supplement. Recently, however, it has been linked to a number of health risks, including developmental problems in children, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. BPA is used in the production of a number of items, including plastic water bottles and thermal paper, which is then used to print receipts.
The study, conducted at the University of Missouri, contends that BPA on the hands can contaminate food.
Julia Taylor, the study’s lead author said, “Thermal paper is typically used for cash register receipts in restaurants, making BPA contamination of food from fingers and hands likely.
“BPA from thermal paper can be absorbed into your blood rapidly. At the levels measured in this study, many diseases such as diabetes and disorders such as obesity may increase.”
The research, published in the online journal PLOS One, involved participants using a hand sanitizer, then touching cash register receipts. Blood and urine samples were then take, and they revealed that the BPA had been absorbed, which dramatically increased the amount of BPA in their body. The hand sanitizer exacerbated the rate of absorption.
Many manufacturers have switched to using BPS. Taylor suggests that this is a response to public awareness of BPA, although there are concerns that BPS is no safer than BPA.

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