CGM accurate for closed loop insulin delivery system at home, research suggests

The Freestyle Navigator II continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is an accurate device suitable for closed-loop insulin delivery at homen, according to a new study.
The researchers examined the data of 41 adults and 16 teenagers with type 1 diabetes, all of whom had been using an insulin pump for at least three months. The participants combined insulin pump therapy with a CGM system of insulin delivery overnight for two nights, and over the course of a whole day using closed-loop control. All of the treatment was unsupervised.
They found that the Freestyle Navigator II was a suitably accurate device for closed-loop insulin delivery at homen, with its readings falling within the accuracy standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 70 per cent of the time. A closed-loop insulin delivery system is one in which the person has a CGM, an insulin pump, and a program that works out how much insulin is needed in response to the glucose readings from the CGM.
“Our analysis suggests that in ambulatory, real-life conditions, the Freestyle Navigator II CGM achieved nearly comparable scores with those reported in the manufacturer’s labelling and in controlled research facility settings,” the researchers wrote.
“In the hyperglycemic range, the improved numerical accuracy facilitates safe operation of [closed-loop] by avoiding hypoglycemia from CGM sensor over-reading. Conversely, sensor inaccuracy in the hypoglycemic range is mitigated by insulin delivery suspension during [closed-loop] operation.”
The findings were published in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics.

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