The MiniMed 530G insulin pump system, the first to offer Threshold Support, is found to reduce hypoglycemia while avoiding an increase in hyperglycemia.
Threshold Support
The device, developed by Medtronic plc, is the first to offer Threshold Support (TS), in which the delivery of insulin is suspended for up to two hours. This occurs when the sensor glucose value, which measures glucose levels in tissue fluid, reaches a pre-set threshold.
Medtronic collected sensor glucose data from 20,973 diabetic patients who enabled the TS feature on their MiniMed 530G systems. The users had the discretion to turn TS on and off whenever they wanted.
Patient-days in which TS was enabled displayed a 69 per cent reduction time in overall hypoglycemia, compared to patient-days when TS was not on. Night-time hypoglycemia was reduced by 73 per cent in patients who enabled the TS feature.
In users who enabled TS 100 per cent of the time, the exposure to hypoglycemia was reduced, as was the risk of hyperglycemia .
Francine R. Kaufma, M.D., chief medical officer and vice president of global, clinical and medical affairs for Medtronic Diabetes, said: “Hypoglycemia is a serious concern for people with diabetes, especially when it occurs at night because sleep blunts awareness of hypoglycemia’s symptoms.
“The present analysis showed that when people with diabetes use the Threshold Suspend feature on the MiniMed 530G system in the real world, they experience the same reduction in hypoglycemia that was observed in research trials.”
The results of Medtronic’s study were published in Diabetes Technology &Therapeutics.

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