Australian study begins to test orally administered insulin

The Australian company Midatech have started phase IIa trials for MSL-001, a new diabetes drug which will be compared to human insulin.
The first of 12 male and female patients, aged between 18 and 55, will be treated with the drug, also known as Insulin Buccal Soluble Film. The duration of the study is expected to be five months.
What is MSL-001?
MSL-001 was invented by Midatech, a nano medicines specialist, and Monosol RX. The drug combines human insulin (Humulin) and is administered through transbuccal application.
This involves MSL-001 being given to patients as a polymeric film. This film, which is roughly the size of a postage stamp, contains MSL-001 molecules and is placed on the inside of the cheek. The insulin is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
This study will assess the safety and tolerability of MSL-001 in patients compared to subcutaneous administered human insulin.
If the trial produces successful results, Midatech’s program could lead to alternative treatments for patients with diabetes that bypass the need for insulin to be injected.
Midatech are also investigating a number of GLP-1 drugs to treat type 2 diabetes that could alleviate the need for keywordinjections.

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