A French research institute have announced a joint venture with a research project to develop an artificial pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes.
CEA-Leti and Diabeloop, an artificial pancreas project, have previously collaborated on a three-year research project investigating a “closed loop” system. This included clinical trials in hospitals.
The “closed-loop” system feeds a person’s blood glucose levels into a small computer via a sensor. The insulin dose required is then delivered by a pump. A smartphone with an embedded algorithm and patient interface links the sensor and the pump.
In this new project, Leti aim to develop the regulation algorithm of the artificial pancreas system. As well as blood glucose levels, they plan for carbohydrate intake, physical activity and emotional state history to be monitored.
The system will then be able to predict how changes in insulin doses affect blood glucose in the next few hours and administer an appropriate dose later in the day.
Pierre Jallo, Leti R&D manager for digital health-and-wellness systems, said: “This joint lab with Diabeloop will build on the success we had in the earlier research project, and bring the world’s first artificial pancreas closer to reality.
Erik Huneker, CEO of Diabeloop, added: “The Diabeloop system can fundamentally improve everyday life of diabetes patients. It will allow better control of their blood sugar and result in a strong reduction in hypoglycemic events and associated comas, as well as a decrease in diabetes-related complications, such as ocular and renal complications and amputations.”

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