A 38-year-old woman from Nottingham has been able to reverse her type 2 diabetes after losing five stone.
Michelle Brewer (pictured), who lives in Carlto, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in December 2014. She weighed 19.5 stone and was instantly placed on medication.
“Being diagnosed was a shock to the system,” Michelle told the Nottingham Post. “I didn’t want to be reliant on medication for the rest of my life.”
Michelle aimed to change her diet following the diagnosis: she had previously been eating high-carb meals and high-calorie snacks, and drinking Diet Coke for breakfast.
She joined a local Slimming World group and started cooking her own meals from fresh produce. She avoided all processed foods and stopped drinking fizzy drinks and alcohol.
“I got in the kitchen and found a love for cooking. I don’t buy takeaways I make ‘fakeaways’. My favourite is a homemade KFC,” Michelle said.
Michelle now eats porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch and an evening dinner consisting of meat and vegetables. She snacks on carrots and cucumber batons.
She dropped four dress sizes, and at her most recent visit to her GP she was told that her blood sugar levels had returned to normal and she was able to come off her medication.
“The doctor told me the diabetes had gone. I couldn’t wait to tell my Dad the promise I made had come true. My fiancé says he’s got a new woman – I am more confident and I smile so much more. I don’t mind having my photo taken now either.”
Michelle also joined the Nottingham Women’s Running Club as part of her many lifestyle changes, and is planning to run a half marathon in 2017.
Picture: Nottingham Post

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