A three-year old boy managed to quickly stop an episode of severe hypoglycemia in his dad, who has type 1 diabetes, by feeding him yoghurts from the fridge.
On the evening of November 13, tot Lenny-George Jones walked in on his 34-year-old father, Mark, collapsed on the kitchen floor after experiencing a significant dip in his blood sugar levels.
The toddler kept a cool head and came to his father’s rescue by rushing to the fridge to get hold of two yoghurts.
Lenny stood on his little blue wooden chair that he dragged all the way to the fridge to grab the yoghurts, before he proceeded to feed his unconscious father with them.
After ingesting the sugar from the yoghurts, Mark was able to reach for his glucose tablets and get his sugar levels further up and in a normal range.
In general, feeding someone who is unconscious, or partly unconscious, is not recommended as this can present a risk of choking, which can be fatal. Liquids can also cause choking.
In such a case, whilst an ambulance is coming, a glucagon injection kit can be used.
The boy’s 31-year-old mum, Emma, who was out at the time, said she could not be prouder of what Lenny had done.
Had he been in bed when it happened and not intervened, things could have taken a turn for the worst.
On the Sunday night when the event unfolded, Mark’s was on the verge of falling into a diabetic coma. His blood sugar levels were down to 1.1 mmol/L.
Lenny successfully treated his dad, even though both Mark and Emma never explained to him the specifics of his father’s condition and/or what to do in such a scenario.
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Photo source: Manchester Evening News

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