A groundbreaking new device to help people with diabetes monitor and share information about their condition is being studied for use in the US.
Common Sensing Inc’s Gocap device attaches to disposable insulin pens to monitor insulin use and blood glucose levels. A study into the benefits of its use was launched this week at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.
The team at the world renowned research centre have joined forces with Sanofi, which is funding the project, and Dexcom, which is providing glucose monitoring devices to measure both insulin pen use and blood glucose response in 125 volunteers.
The results will provide valuable data to help clinicians make reliable decisions on treatment.
Medha Munshi, M.D., Joslin endocrinologist and primary investigator for the study, said: “Clinicians need to see their patients’ glucose data in context with insulin use data.
“Being able to see missing doses, potential misuse, and signs of complications would give clinicians the ability to quickly work with patients to plan a course of action.”
The Gocap is a Bluetooth-enabled cap, which automatically produces an insulin diary that can be wirelessly shared with care providers and family members. It works as an insulin monitoring device and fits on existing disposable insulin pens.
Users can look at and share their data over the cloud and receive reminders and alerts from the accompanying Gocap App for Android and iOS smartphones.
James White, president of Common Sensing, said: “The team is excited by the enthusiastic response from both clinicians and insulin users who see Gocap as a powerful solution for improving the daily management of diabetes.
“Modern chronic disease management is broken. To fix it, we must connect and build trust between people and their healthcare: providers, medications, and devices. Gocap makes that possible for today’s insulin users.”

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