A team of Stanford University researchers have shown a hybrid closed-loop insulin system can effectively control type 1 diabetes in children.
The system, which is a near-artificial pancreas, was safe for both overall and overnight control and none of the children experienced any episodes of severe hypoglycemia.
The findings were presented by Bruce A. Buckingham, MD at the 77th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association. Buckingham said: “There’s a lot of work being done now on hybrid closed-loop systems. Hybrid means that it will modulate the basal amount of insulin throughout the day as well as night.”
Twelve children with type 1 diabetes were recruited for the study, all of whom had their diabetes controlled by the Omnipod Insulin Management System, developed by Insulet Corp.
The children were given three meals per day consisting of 30-90g of carbohydrate, while physical activity was limited.
Overall, the childrens’ mean blood glucose level during the day was 8.7 mmol/l and 8.3 overnight. They were within target range for 70% overall and 86.7% overnight.
There was a low 2% incidence of hypoglycemia and the device was shown to be safe throughout the day and night, with no episodes of severe hypoglycemia.
“We have done previous studies with this OmniPod system, testing it in adults and adolescents, so we wanted to move into the pediatric range where kids are often more sensitive to insulin and they have more variability in their glucose levels,” said Buckingham.
“In further studies, we will modify the algorithm, and we want to test in free-living conditions over an extended period of time. This hybrid closed-loop control is a new paradigm that’s really changing the way we’re caring for families [with diabetes], and families can now expect safe sleep without having to worry about severe lows and severe highs.”

Earlier this month, Medtronic announced the US launch of the ‘world’s first’ hybrid closed-loop system for people with type 1 diabetes.

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