People are missing certain diabetes symptoms and unlikely to seek medical advice as a result, a survey has found.
The poll from Diabetes UK was released to mark Diabetes Week, which started on Sunday 11 June, and runs until Saturday 17 June.
Another finding which Diabetes UK said was “huge cause for concern” was that many adults are failing to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables in the UK.
In the poll 2,000 adults were asked first about certain diabetes symptoms and whether they would seek a doctor’s appointment should they experience them.
Fifty-eight per cent would not consult a doctor if they experienced genital itching or thrush; 56 per cent would disregard extreme thirst; 53 per cent would ignore increased urination; and 55 per cent would ignore fatigue.
However, the poll revealed that 58 per cent would seek a doctor’s advice if they were experiencing blurred vision, while 55 per cent were willing to book a doctor’s appointment for a cut or sore that was not healing.
The survey also enquired about diet, and whether participants understood what constituted a portion of vegetables.
Around 66 per cent of people who took part said they only eat three or less portions of fruit or vegetables – below the government’s daily recommendation of five. Moreover, three out of four respondents were unaware what a portion of vegetables constituted, while two out of three were not able to say what a portion of fruit constituted.
Emma Elvi, clinical advisor for Diabetes UK, said: “Simple lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, eating more fruit and vegetables and getting more exercise are an important part of managing all types of diabetes and can reduce the risk of serious of long term complications.”
This year is marking Diabetes Week by #RedefiningDiabetes and showing the world what diabetes really looks like. To get involved send us your #RedefiningDiabetes or #FacesOfDiabetes selfie and story on Facebook.

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