Diabetes.co.uk is today celebrating 16 years of helping and supporting people with diabetes from all around the world.
Created by Diabetes Digital Media in 2007, Diabetes.co.uk has grown into Europe’s largest diabetes community, with more than one million users a month. And we’re just getting started.
Our community website provides a comprehensive, supportive and independent experience for our visitors from across the world.
As well as Diabetes.co.uk, Diabetes Digital Media is proud to have launched the following:
The Diabetes Forum – where more than 295,000 people with diabetes, their carers and family share their experiences
The award-winning Low Carb Program – a health platform with over 400,000 participants which is redefining metabolic health
The Hypo Program – a free, structured suite of personalised educational materials and resources to help increase awareness and management of hypoglycaemia in people with diabetes
In 2017, the Diabetes Forum was hailed by Royal Holloway, University of London, for empowering people with diabetes and for having a positive impact on participants’ wellbeing. The study also showed that people with diabetes were more active on the Diabetes Forum than they were on Facebook and Twitter.
What the @Diabetescouk forum first looked like 16 years ago! #Web30 pic.twitter.com/1BuPVR6Yxq— Arjun Panesar (@arjunpanesar) March 12, 2019

It was in the Diabetes Forum community that we learned of anecdotal success from people who went low carb. At the time, low carb was not advocated in dietary guidelines, but nowadays the growing evidence base is verifying how beneficial carb restriction can be for diabetes management.
These success stories inspired the launch of the Low Carb Program on World Diabetes Day in 2015. The program has since gone on to help people put type 2 diabetes into remissio, lose weight and improve their all-round health. The Type 1 Program will be launched later this year.
On behalf of the Diabetes.co.uk staff we thank the entire community for your support over the last 16 years, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for what we have lined up in the future.

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