This Diabetes Week, Diabetes Digital Media is redefining diabetes: redefining what people with diabetes can achieve, and raising awareness of the tremendous health transformations and success stories worldwide.

A US man with type 1 diabetes who climbed Mount Everest featured in Monday’s success story. Today we’re looking closer to home – specifically, people on our Diabetes Forum who’ve made significant achievements, whether this be weight loss or regaining independence.

It’s wonderful when we get to report on people who’ve lost weight, reduced HbA1c levels and even put type 2 diabetes into remissio, but achievements aren’t just limited to clinical milestones. Milestones come in all forms, such as regaining mobility and experiencing improved mood following tough times.

A few weeks ago we asked the 300,000 members of the Diabetes Forum for their achievements – no achievement was too small. We were delighted to receive responses from users worldwide who’d made gains towards improving their health, happiness and wellbeing.

One user wrote: “I’ve gone from [type 2] diabetic to low prediabetic [blood glucose] figures, lost 18kg and reduced inflammation and other minor body niggles. I can join in with family activities more easily, run up the stairs and cut my toenails without my belly getting in the way.”

Reclaiming independence and feeling more energetic are among the wonderful benefits that making positive lifestyle changes can bring. It is these personal milestones that can give us confidence to go further and improve our health even more.

Another user wrote: “I have lost five stone while following a low carb diet. I feel fantastic. I love the Diabetes Forum and have had lots of advice from everyone who understands what it is like to deal with type 2 diabetes. Excellent care from my medical practice, tremendous help from my husband and family and support from the Forum has helped me to achieve this result.”

The low carb lifestyle is helping thousands of people make lasting health change. Visit our multi-award-winning Low Carb Program for more information. At one-year, 26% of users are able to put type 2 diabetes into remission.

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