Obese people and over 50s could be ordered to stay home amid second wave

Obese people living in COVID-19 hotspots could be told to stay home if a second wave of the virus strikes Britain this autumn.

The over 50s could also be asked to avoid going out too as experts have found mortality rates are higher among the older generation and those who are obese.

The Sunday Telegraph has reported that requesting those two vulnerable groups could be part of a “more sophisticated model” should a second coronavirus wave hit.

Speaking to the broadsheet newspaper, referring to the government, a cabinet minister said: “They are understanding that age does come into it.

“The shielding cohort is way too broad – you can’t say that every fat person has to shield. It will be more subtle.”

So the advice might be issued to those in the vulnerable groups in areas that have high transmission rates.

The minister added: “The main transmission is through people getting a bit more relaxed – it is about you going round for dinner to see a friend you have not seen for ages. That is why it must be a micro-lockdown.”

Meanwhile, Oldham in Greater Manchester has become England’s latest COVID-19 hotspot with 145 new cases recorded in the last seven days, followed by Pendle and Blackburn.

Preston, Swindon and Bedford have now been added to the watch list.

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