Social distancing helps slow coronavirus

Measures taken to combat COVID-19 by the UK public are making a difference, according to Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK Government’s chief scientific adviser.

Transmission of the coronavirus is thought to be decreasing, he told a news conference, indicating that the social distancing measures are working.

This would mean fewer infections, and a slowing of the disease overall.

Hospital admission data suggests that the number of new cases being admitted is slowing down and are not rising as fast as was initially feared. Use of public transport is down by 95% for trains and 75% for busses, while a confirmed 20,000 former NHS workers have returned to work to help manage the disease.

Furthermore, it is reported that the Government is working on initiatives to help bring Britons stranded abroad home via commercial or chartered flights, and some of the UK’s internet providers have agreed to remove data caps on certain contracts.

Sir Vallance explained that although the numbers of cases are still rising, they are now rising at a constant rate, not rising by an increasing amount, “which may suggest that we’re already beginning to see some effect,” of the social distancing.

Due to the nature of the disease, it may take time for the full effects of social distancing to make their impact.

It is reported that over the weekend, the number of beds in England occupied by people with coronavirus rose to 9,000, but the ongoing efforts will hopefully curtail the increasing number. Accounts have been heard of people conquering COVID-19, such as this teacher with type 1 diabetes, and Andrew O’Dwyer who was an early reported case of the diabetes community overcoming the disease.

Although the current global situation is unprecedented and has resulted in many of us trying to come to terms with a brand-new way of life, successes have been made. Continue following the guidance as set out by the government and keep yourselves safe. For more information, you can refer to the Government website or view our coronavirus coverage and what you should be doing to follow the government guidelines.


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