Fever is a symptom of coronavirus

A man with type 1 diabetes who is recovering from coronavirus has shared his experience, explaining that for him, the condition was “no different to normal flu-type symptoms”.

Andrew O’Dwyer developed the condition after he flew to Italy in February for a skiing trip.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: “The worst bit is the uncontrollable coughing. I’ve had worse flu, without a doubt – but I wouldn’t want to catch it again.”

Despite having type 1 diabetes, Andrew said having the virus was not “anything to worry about for me personally” and that he has not been overly concerned about his health.

Although Andrew was told coronavirus was not active in the Italian resort he was staying in, 21 out of the 25 people he was holidaying with became unwell with the virus.

Andrew initially had no symptoms when he returned to the UK, but made the decision to self isolate as a precaution. Some of his friends fell ill within two days of returning to the UK, so Andrew contacted the NHS 111 service.

Andrew said: “I got tested before I was feeling ill because other people had tested positive. I found out three days later I was positive. But it was over a week before I showed symptoms.”

His main symptoms included a cough and high temperature. 

Andrew admits self-isolation has been tough. He will have spent 21 days at home without going out.

He said: “It’s like climbing the walls. It’s difficult to do a day’s work.”

On Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation. He admitted the coronavirus was “the worst public health crisis for a generation” and warned many families they would “lose loved ones before their time”.

As part of new measures introduced, he said testing will now only focus on identifying people with the virus in hospital.

Members of the public displaying mild symptoms are no longer required to call NHS 111, as the system is under strain. People are instead urged to look for information on the NHS website and 111 online.


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