People with diabetes discharged from hospital at higher risk of death

When people with diabetes are discharged from hospital researchers say they are at much higher risk of early death or being readmitted.

A team from the University of Warwick say they have identified known risk factors which could indicate those who are at greater risk for once they leave the hospital.

Each risk factor was grouped into one of the following the categories, demographic, socioeconomic, lifestyle, patient medical factors, inpatient stay factors, medication related, laboratory results and glycaemic status.

Professor Theo Arvanitis, from the Institute of Digital Healthcare at WMG, University of Warwick, said: “The most common risk factor is in the demographic category of age and the second most important factor is co-morbidity burden; this comes under the patient medical factors category, and means patients have more than one condition.

“We also identified BMI as a significant risk within the patient medical factors category, with those who were at the heavier end of the scales to be more at risk.

“Thirty-seven of the risk factors we identified from one research paper. This tell us that this research in general is still very early, and more studies are needed to identify the importance and possibly any other risk factors. This could decrease the mortality rate of diabetics discharged from hospitals in the future.”

The research paper entitled ‘A Systematic Review Considering Risk factors for Mortality of Patients Discharged from Hospital with a Diagnosis of Diabetes’ has been published in the Journal of Diabetes and its Complications.

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