Adopting a low carb diet has seen one man with type 2 diabetes come off his medication, lower his blood sugar levels and even reduce his blood pressure.

Before Alan was diagnosed, he said he felt “rough” and was concerned he had cancer. When he found out he had type 2 diabetes, he was prescribed Metformin and while his blood sugar did reduce, it still wasn’t within normal range.

Before starting the Low Carb Program, his HbA1c reading was 90mmol/mol (10.4%) in March 2015. After joining it went down to 50 (6.7%) in October 2016 and 36 (5.4%) in October 2017 and has remained at that level since. It meant he could stop taking his medication – 2000mg of metformin a day – and his weight plummeted from 133kg (21st) to just under 101kg (16st).

Alan’s diet now consists of lots of dressed salads, full fat Greek yoghurt and roasted vegetables, and his wife also lost weight after joining him in reducing the amount of carbs she eats.

Alan is even spreading the message worldwide, saying: “When my sister came over from New Zealand, she took it home too and she and her husband have changed their diet. I met them again in Thailand when my wife and I renewed our vows, and I couldn’t believe how much weight he’d lost.”

Alan says he tries to stay away from carbs as he finds it difficult to just have a little bit.

“Once I’m on the diet it’s a lot easier to resist cravings,” he said. “Seeing the results keeps me motivated, plus if I do have a few days where I eat more carbs I don’t feel that great, so it’s remembering how I feel when I don’t stick to the diet.

“I think I was surprised at how effective it was, the weight just fell off.”

Editor’s note: the Low Carb Program is a multi-award-winning app for people wishing to have education, support and coaching on how to follow a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Used by over 450,000 people. Learn more here.

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