Aspiring model Lila Moss, 18, has been nationally commended for making her insulin pump visible when taking to the catwalk with her famous mother last week.

The 18-year-old has type 1 diabetes and has been applauded for not hiding her condition after she accessorised her Fendi x Versace show outfit with an Omnipod insulin pump on her upper thigh.

Social media users have shared their admiration for the teenager by labelling the action as a “wonderful, proud and positive statement”.

One fan wrote: “Seeing Lila Moss wearing her Omnipod on a freaking supermodel runway is a great reminder that I shouldn’t be so self-conscious of the way my pump and CGM looks on me.”

Another added: “Such a wonderful, proud and positive statement for #type1diabetes,” while one published: “Evidence for the gremlins out there that T1 diabetes is still not related to body size or lifestyle.”

Last year, Lila publicly announced that she has type 1 diabetes after pledging that she wants to help more people with the condition.

She said: “I’d definitely like to try and help as much as I can as there’s loads of things I’d like to try and help with.”
An Omnipod delivers insulin to the body instead of using injections or tubes several times per day.

“Thank you for not hiding your diabetes – you are gorgeous,” one fan wrote, while another follower said: “Love your pod and the example you lead.”

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