Experts have slammed a controversial TikTok diet which has clocked up millions of views by suggesting that eating eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner can help you lose weight.

Some social media users have reportedly lost up to 22lbs after consuming just 900 calories per day and eating eggs for every meal.

It is well known that eggs are one of the best dietary sources of high-quality protein and can reduce hunger levels.

In response to the viral TikTok trend, dietitians have criticised the diet and have said it is ‘dangerously restrictive’.

Dr Duane Mellor, a registered dietitian based at Aston University in Birmingham, said: “Aside from not being particularly enjoyable, eating just eggs for ten days straight is not a long-term solution to weight loss.”

Dr Frankie Phillips, a registered dietitian at the British Dietetic Association, continued: “It could also lead to deficiencies as the meal plan is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.”

Individuals following the diet would consume three boiled eggs and a mug of unsweetened green tea for breakfast, followed by another meal of three eggs, an apple and green tea for lunch.

For dinner, they would be expected to consume three boiled eggs, a bowl of cornflakes or oats made with fat-free milk, an apple and a green tea.

According to the viral meal plan, people on the diet are allowed to eat oranges and carrots when they feel peckish.

TikTok user @nayrhodes believes the diet is unhealthy after she felt sick for 10 days while following the controversial meal plan. However, she did lose 12lbs in this time.

Dr Phillips stated: “Absolutely no dietitian would recommend this diet.

“It is not nutritionally balanced in any way, is very low in wholegrain and fibre and so you will likely start to become constipated.

“It would be a very dull way to eat and would not be suitable for people who have any medical condition, nor for children.”

According to British Lion Eggs, there are around 66 calories and 6.4g of protein in a medium sized egg.

Dr Mellor said: “It is a quick fix. It will not improve your health long term. Also, it will do little to improve somebody’s relationship with food or views on their own body image.”

Dr Phillips added: “Eggs are a fantastic powerhouse food, that contain vitamin B12, and iron, as well as being a complete source of protein, providing all of the essential amino acids the body needs.

“As a part of a balanced diet, eggs are a great food to include – but not at the expense of excluding other foods from the diet.”

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