A man from Tennessee has lost nearly 60lbs after eating meals from McDonald’s three times a day for 100 days.

Kevin Maginnis, 57, has highlighted the importance of reduced meal portions after he lost 58.5lbs (26kgs) by eating Big Macs, quarter-pounders, french fries, apple fritters and other items from McDonalds every day.

The 57-year-old believes that he dropped the weight due to only eating half of what he ordered, therefore reducing his calorie intake.

During the experiment, Maginnis only drank water and did not eat anything outside his three daily meals from the fast-food chain.

After the trial ended, he had better cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as a reduced heart attack risk.

Maginnis said: “I was pre-diabetic before and I’m down into health ranges now. I understood I could maintain the weight loss if reduced meal portions remained a staple of my diet.

“Half a plate to lose the weight – three-quarters of a plate to maintain the weight, any food, including McDonald’s.”

The shocking diet was first revealed in a TikTok video, which has since gone viral around the globe.

According to Maginnis, his wife started following the same meal plan halfway through the 100-day experiment and she has lost 20lbs (9kg).

Healthcare professionals typically advise people to focus on consuming fruits, vegetables, meat and other unprocessed foods to stay healthy and lose weight.

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