Latest research claims that drinking oat smoothies on a regular basis is as affective as Ozempic for helping people lose weight.

The weight loss hack has gone viral online for its hunger-killing effect, similar to that of Ozempic which mimics a naturally occurring hormone to make people feel fuller for longer.

Otherwise known as Oat-Zempic, the trend consists of consuming a blended oat smoothie twice a day.

Millions of people have viewed TikTok videos about the trend, with some users revealing they have lost up to 10 pounds in a matter of weeks.

According to nutritional experts, other foods can suppress an individual’s hunger level like Ozempic does because they can release the fullness hormone GLP-1.

Ozempic and Wegovy contain the active ingredient semaglutide.

Preventative Cardiology Dietitian Michelle Routhenstein said: “These include foods high in protein and fibre.”

Beans, peanuts and lentils are high in soluble fibres, meaning they can easily soak up water, making people feel full for longer.

“Soluble fibres increase the secretion of a hormone called GLP-1 in the gut – the same compound that Ozempic activates, just on a much less intense scale,” said Michelle.

A 2014 review by academics at the University of Toronto has found that individuals who regularly consume meals with legumes feel 31% fuller than those eating meals which contain bread and pasta.

Prior research conducted in 2020 has also found that soup can fill you up for longer than a solid meal using the same ingredients.

Michelle stated: “This could be because your body responds to hunger and thirst in a similar way, and sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re actually dehydrated. Therefore, consuming a lot of water in soup could help you feel more satisfied.”

However, soups are made differently so not feeling hungry afterwards all depends on what type of soup you are having.

Minestrone soup would make you feel fuller for longer because it contains beans, carbs and vegetables – which are high in fibre. Meanwhile, eating French Onion soup will not keep you full for as long, experts believe.

According to the report, fruit is also good for weight loss as it takes up a lot of space in your stomach and digests at a slow pace.

Nutritionists advise you to eat fruit if you fancy something sweet as they are much better for your blood sugar than eating processed candy.

Apples are better to snack on than melon because they are higher in fibre, the research study has revealed.

Vegetable wise, carrots, artichokes and broccoli are the most filling vegetables because they contain the most fibre and water volumes, Naturopathic Doctor Will Cole has said.

Cauliflower and brussels sprouts are good options for making you feel fuller for longer, the study has reported.

Eating eggs for breakfast was also reported to make you feel full for longer.

Michelle concluded: “Animal protein has more protein per gram than plant protein, so it tends to be a more efficient way for people who want to intake more protein to fill up.”

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