Vimto bottles
Vimto Original recalled as the bottles have been labelled with a No Added Sugar’ statement

The well-known squash drink, Vimto Original, has been urgently recalled by its manufacturer due to a critical labeling mistake.

Vimto Original bottles were mistakenly labeled as containing “No Added Sugar,” a claim which has since been identified as incorrect.

The liquid within the bottles contains added sugar.

This labeling error poses a significant risk to individuals with diabetes or anyone who closely monitors their sugar intake.

The incorrect information could lead to unintentional sugar intake potentially affecting blood glucose and overall health management.

To assist customers and ensure safety, notices have been placed in all retail stores carrying the affected Vimto Original product.

Notices explain the recall and urge anyone with diabetes or health concerns that require monitoring of sugar intake to avoid consuming the product.

The recall specifically targets 500ml products with batch numbers 4051, 4052, 4073, 4074, 4050, 4051, 4072, and 4073.

2 Vimto bottles
Nichols plc is recalling Vimto Original 500ml due to bottles being labelled with a ‘No Added Sugar’ statement. when the product within the bottles contains added sugar.

For those who may have purchased Vimto Original and are concerned, Nichols plc has provided contact information for further inquiries: 01925 222 222 or [email protected].

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